Where I grew U.P.

I spent my youth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the small town of Escanaba. With its quaint little main street and its Wal-Mart, it had its charm but it’s no place for some one to develop as an adult. When I was 12, my grandparents sent me to Orlando, FL to attend Disney’s animation school. After that, I was hooked. I attended Bay de Noc College and sucked every ounce of art I could out of it, but it wasn’t enough. I had to finish my education somewhere else. My first experiment with being on my own was when I moved to Lansing, MI. to live with a few friends who had been there for a few months. There I attended Lansing Community College and received my Multimedia Animation degree. So then it goes… S-10′s dueling in the parking lot, flea infested house, the capitol st. house and the days of united moving company, upstairs from Rick, JD driving my truck into a semi, the other semi incident with the heart attack, Harvest Moons, being a bouncer at The Temple Nightclub, graduate, the big move to dewitt, Gupta, Cowboy Jason, Colonel BP Poophooves and all the other farm animals, the falling, a new apartment, engagement, make train sims for Union Pacific, make Darryl Garvin move down state, travel the country photographing rail yards, buy a house with Jaime, split up, Corndog Mountain, Javier Rivera, leave Michigan, arrive in Portland, start new life.

… to be continued.


Ptermclean Design Co. (web, graphic, print, motion design)

Tiny Shed Studio (mixed media art )

I Draw Small (daily outlet for pencils)

Plan From The Future (my blog since 2005)



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