W is for: Where’s The Beef?

W is for: Where's The Beef?

W is for: Where's The Beef?

What an iconic commercial from my childhood. Where is the beef? When I ask that, I mean, where is the substance? I was hoping that people would offer more of it in the way of social media. It really is just a collection of vapid asshats spouting nonsense from their mcholes. We need to eradicate bad news from our lives. Media does not matter. Celebrities do not matter. Gossip does not matter. American Idol does not matter. The news does not matter. What you had for dinner does not matter. Your life does not matter. You do not matter. Your shitty taste in everything is dragging us all down as a people and I for one am sick of it. As my old art teacher, Mr. Headman, used to say “Shape up or ship out”.

BUY A POSTER! $10.00 ...

BUY A POSTER! $10.00 ...

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